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In our understanding – link in industry 4.0 – the data should be the ground truth. 


We have users linked to objects. If we want to show only the objects to each persons we should not have to implement any stuff. the query builder should define which objects are shown. if we define in the view that a administrator sees more fields then normal users, we should not have to do anything, the config of the view should define the columns.


Further in a relational view to a database we don’t want to manage id fields for 1-n relations or extra tables vor n-n relations. We need a smart way to connect entities together, but also to have the ability to map more entities in one table. 

In an normal development context, the more the entities are connected together, we have an exponential amount of implementation work to do. write queries, write gui. so a project with 10 entries could take 100h but a project with 100 entries takes much more than 1000h


In our way we could reduce the amount of needed tables (-50%) the amount of queries (-80%) and we do not have an exponential amount of implementation to do.

Through reusing of queries, forms, and reducing coding we get near to an linear way.


Because of use of an formbuilder (formidable) we cloud build forms efficiently, with datatable we could present data professionally.

It is no problem to have subtables etc..


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