Import / Export Concept:

Wonderful Relations in short terms is configured by itself. Every extension, our your own projects are connected with an import / export configuration in which you could specify which parts of the tables should be exported into an .sql file. This allows you to provide an “initial.sql” file in your extension plugin an update data with an installation. 

Update of data concept:

If data exists, it is possible that some auto-increment key is present in your deployment version and at side of your customer. E.g. you create a new project with gets id 2 in your configuration. Your customer has also a project 2. If you update you have to change the id. The big part is that you not only have to change the key, you also have links, dependent data etc as well which you have to update. 

The second big part it, how du update data. Therefore, every “mapped” table contains an “uuid” column, so if a entry with an matching uuid exists, the data will be updated in the Import process. So you can update provided configuration.



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