Wonderful Relations DataTables:

Data Tables .net is a framework that is used to create and manage views, which are tables that represent data grids and are based on our queries.  These queries can include subqueries and are used to display data in a structured and organized way. So you can easily create DataTables in the Backend. 

The view layer is used to improve the representation of data in a view. For example, a field in a query might contain a numeric value that represents a type, but in the view, it might be displayed as an icon. Data Tables .net allows for the easy formatting of data with render functions such as dates, numbers, and other types, making it easier to create and manage views.

By using Data Tables .net, it is possible to easily fill views with a variety of fields and display them in any template. This makes it a useful tool for organizing and presenting data in a clear and efficient way.

One of the benefits of our implementation is that we use  server-side processing out of the box. Only needed Data is Fetched. This means that searching and presenting data is fast, even in large tables, and you don’t have to worry about performance issues. In addition, we provides a flexible footer that can be used to display summation or count aggregates, allowing you to easily analyze and summarize your data. Overall, is a powerful and efficient tool for organizing and presenting large amounts of data in a clear and user-friendly way.


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