Server side processing:

We used the server side approach of automatically for every datatable representation of data.

 Not only we use a “limit” and “offset” in the query, we also provide filters and search, call it selectors in the following text.

How does it work:

Technically we process two queries. The first query us the amount of data # of tuples, pages etc, with current selector. The second query returns the data, including subqueries.

Subtable Search:
We only transfer the “paged” data to the client, an also do not build the full “tree” of data, so if we want to do a search inclouding the linked touples, this is not possible. 


If we want to use a search through the subtable the query has do all joins first, and then selecting the data.


The next step is, if we search like a phrase, we only what to have tuples containing the search phrase. But in the subtable context, if a subtable entry matches, we want all subtableentries.





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