What is an Wonderful Relation Entity?

An entity is a type of data that can represent a subset of the data in a table. For example, a table might contain information about people, but a subset of that data could be specifically about software developers. By using entities, we can create relationships and connections between different types of data in order to avoid the need for extra tables and structures. This allows us to efficiently organize and manage data by using links to connect entities together.


Entities are data types that can represent subsets of the data in a table. These subsets are defined by links to other entities, which allow for the connection and organization of different types of data. Formlinks can be used to create these connections between entities.

For example, in a project, an entity called “web developer” could be linked to a table called “person,” which holds the data for the web developer. However, the data for other entities, such as “designer” or “programmer,” may also be stored in the “person” table. This allows for the organization of data within a project, while still keeping the data efficient and organized in a single table.



The Concept behind:

This layer gives us endless possibilites.

So we can have a enities html object and html subobject with data held in one table html object but we can link a object to subobjects. As every subobject is an object we can build a tree



  • Project
  • Identifier (unique)
  • Description


??????? Types are used to seperate configuration and project based stuff. This gets also important for import / export functionality. ??????


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