What is an Entity

Entity represents types of data. In our understanding a table could be represented by more than one entity. So we can use a table person containing information like firstname, lastname, an many enities can use this date. Like Webdeveloper, Designer, Programmer could be entities. 


Entites could be Subsets of Tables and are defined by links.

Enities could be connected with links together. This is possible with Formlinks.

So a project could have a link to an enity webdeveloper, designer etc, but the data is still only hold in the table person.


The Concept behind:

This layer gives us endless possibilites.

So we can have a enities html object and html subobject with data held in one table html object but we can link a object to subobjects. As every subobject is an object we can build a tree



  • Project
  • Identifier (unique)
  • Description


??????? Types are used to seperate configuration and project based stuff. This gets also important for import / export functionality. ??????


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