What is a Wonderful Relations Form?

A Wonderful Relations Form is a way for users to input data into various fields, such as text fields, date time fields, and dropdown menus. The form is styled using Bootstrap, which allows for custom design and layout. Like other form builders, users can require or hide certain fields as needed.

The main difference between a Wonderful Relations form and other form builders is that the data entered into the form is directly stored in the related database table with the correct data type. For example, a date time field will be stored as a date time field in the database, rather than as a string or other data type. This ensures that the data is properly organized and can be easily accessed and used for analysis and reporting.

In addition, the use of data tables in Wonderful Relations allows for the creation of beautiful and interactive tables with sorting and rendering functions. As the data grows, there is no need to worry about slow performance from meta value-based systems, as the data is stored directly in the database table. Overall, Wonderful Relations forms provide an efficient and user-friendly way to input and organize data.





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Database Table

If database table does not exists, it will be created with id and uuid field. See UUID fields.








type = wp_options

type= external => hook wr_form_external_save



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