Form Buttons: TODO

In every database application we want to have the possibility do do someting with our data.

The buttons setting should be enable you to create in a standardized way.



  • Form
  • Min. Userrole
  • Type
  • Title
  • Tooltip-Text
  • fa-icon
  • CSS Class
  • Action
  • Payload
  • Custom JS-Function
  • Sort Order



If an button click should do an create or edit action, we have to open a form. Here you can define which one. This enable you to use different forms for different actions if the data is mapped from the table to both forms.

Min. Userrole:

Here you can define the minimal user role, to show the button. So some functions could be only visible to special userroles.


  • header
    Display the Button above the table like create buttons or custom actions
  • row
    Display the button in the row, so the button relats to the data row, like edit or delete an entry.
    This also works for subtables
  • header-csv – maps to the csv export setting
  • header-pdf – maps to the csv export setting
  • header-excel – maps to the excel export setting
  • header-bulk – TODO




Button tooltip text


We include font-awesome as our default icon libaray, so you can insert here te font awesome class.

CSS Class:

Here you can provide the class for the buttons. We inclode the bootstrap library, so you could use bootstrap classes like btn btn-primary …


To define which function should be called after the button click, we provide a default interface to register actions. See Action section.



In some special cases we want to provide the action more information. Here you could add data in json style like follows:


Custom JS Function:

If you want to call a present java script function, you can add it here.

Example: Call DataTable reload function


Sort Order:

This defines the order of the displayed buttons

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