PDF Templates

The Concept Behind:

Gernerally we see two different ways to present data:
– Single Object
– Repeated Object

A combination of both allows us to literally generate any html content like divs, tables, trees etc.
Most generated PDFs contains data, listed tables (my be containing multiple sites) or static data.

Think about a generated PDF with first page is a html text, second there are multiple lists and then we have a closing side.

=> how to resolve this?

Therefor we use a Container Approach. A PDF template could have mulitiple containers. Containers could have mulitiple templates and so on.


  • Description
  • Identifier
  • Project



This identifier is used to access a pdf template. E.g. that we can adress different templates with button payload.



  • get_pdf


  • filename
  • identifier
  • application_type: z.B. application/pdf;base64
  • target: _blank

Possible scenarios:

Open a PDF in a new Tab:
If we want to open a PDF in a new Tab instead of a download, we can use the two options application_type (= application/pdf;base64)   and target (=_blank).


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