Aggregates / Aggregate Queries:

 In Datatable Context there are two queries needed to view the data. The first gives the data in a range, the second counts the rows for the footer.

Aggregates is a way to get more out of the full data. As we use ServerSide processing, it is not possible to get sums etc over mulitiple pages, as we do not load the data. With aggregates you can use – the already necessary query – to deliver other data like sum, count, avg and so on.

Aggregated Query of a Query could also be used in Templates 


  • Field
  • Condition
  • Order 
  • Field Order


Order by Query Field (Optional)

SQL Function:

Order by Condition (Optional). This could be a non present field, or even complex calculations


To access the result e.g. from templates

On Demand

To get aggregate results from a query on demand.
Example Usage: get Group concat results for on column

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