What is a Template?


Templates are one of the big concepts of wonderful relations. In one side templates are a tree structured objects, configureable in the backend like every other page / templatebuilder.


In the other side, objects could be connected to queries. So when we see an objects with its child as a tress, for each resulting row we create a duplicate and could use our replacement strategy of data with ##_## fields. One object could be connected to one object. 


Example: The Dashboard are HTML Objects (Services) which are filled by the query.


 We could decide to map also Datatables to Templates. So we could have a structure like

– Template

     –  Template Container 

         – HTML Header

    – Template Container

       – Data Table 1


    – Template Container

     – Data Table 2


This strategy also works for backend / admin pages. So we could use (as Wonderful Relation it self does) create our Backend Pages, Lists etc with Wonderful Relations.





  • Template Container
    • Data Tables
    • HTML Object
      • HTML Attributes
      • HTML Objects


– Project

– Description

– Identifier

– Min. Userrole




HTML Object


HTML Objects could be linked to a query, and could be repeated based on the query data.


 Usage Examples :


Using in PHP, like in a Plugin PHP Code

echo do_shortcode( "[wr_template identifier=my_template_identifier]" );

Usage in HTML, like in a WordPress Page or Post

[wr_template identifier=my_template_identifier]


  • Title
  • Project
  • Identifier



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