What is a Wonderful Relations Template?

Templates are a key concept in Wonderful Relations. On one hand, templates are tree-structured objects that can be configured in the backend, similar to other pages or template builders.

On the other hand, objects can be linked to queries, allowing them to display data in a structured and organized way. If you connect a Query that hay many results for each row a duplicate is created, and with our replacement strategy we fill the template with data using ##_## fields. So it’s easy to create dynamical frontend objects based on data result. 

An example of this is the Wonderful Relations dashboard, which consists of HTML objects (services) that are filled with data from a query. Templates can also be mapped to data tables, creating a structure like a tree where each node represents a row in the table. This allows for the creation of complex and interactive templates that can display and organize data in a variety of ways.

Templates can contain template containers, which allow users to link data tables, link templates, and insert HTML objects that can have an unlimited number of child objects. This allows for the creation of complex and nested templates that can display and organize data in a variety of ways.

This strategy can also be used for creating backend or admin pages in Wonderful Relations. The system itself uses this approach to create its own backend pages, lists, and other features, allowing users to build and customize their own pages and interfaces using the same tools and functionality.


  • Template Container
    • Data Tables
    • Templates
    • HTML Object
      • HTML Attributes
      • HTML Objects



  • Title
  • Description
  • Project
  • Identifier
  • Groups
  • Options




HTML Object


HTML Objects could be linked to a query, and could be repeated based on the query data.


 Usage Examples :


Using in PHP, like in a Plugin PHP Code

echo do_shortcode( "[wr_template identifier=my_template_identifier]" );

Usage in HTML, like in a WordPress Page or Post

[wr_template identifier=my_template_identifier]


  • Title
  • Project
  • Identifier
  • Description



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