Action: load_template

Method in template.js (Attention, will be replaced in the future with the load_template method from WRtemplateObject.js) 


Stores the current loaded template and prepares the submitted data for the get_template Action. 
The prepared data contains a nonce,  the name of the action (get_template) and the payload from the calling element (mostly defined in the onclick attribute of an HTML Element) .

The payload and the current Get Params were also stored with the currentTemplate. 


 The action will be triggered with the proccess_data function with the parameters WRtemplateObject:show_template function as callback and data.

show_template will replace the returned template from the server with the previous stored currentTemplate. Then it will scroll to a defined Element or to the top of the window. 

At the end the method will trigger the event wr_afterShowTemplate, which allows external Plugins to work with s  the new loaded Template. 



One JSON Object can be used as parameter for the load_template method. 
The following properties are allowed: 

  • template: the identifier for the template which should be loaded
  • ancestor:  TODO
  • scrollToElement: a JSON Object like {id:”anchor-element”, offset:”-150″}, the id is mandatory, offset is optional 
  • any value you want, e.g. you need a dynamic value which will be only available after the html is rendered, like the id of the displayed entry. To accomplish this you can just add the property id:’##id##’. 
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