Getting Started with the Documentation

A guideline how to use the documentation – and a first understanding how wonderful relations is structured

First you have to know that we see everything as a project. Since we follow a bootstrapped approach, wonderful relations is created with wonderful relations, wonderful relations is a our first project. Wonderful relations itself.

The next step we ned to understand how we use a different mapping beween data and representation than the WordPress / Formidable Meta approach, why we do this (better search ability, ….), who we do this, Mapping.

The third step is to get e feeling where is the problem in a relational database with many linked tables, and how we managed this with our understanding of entities. In the configuration form links gives you the ability to build links between entities. And DynamicData is the burner to get data in position.

In the last part, you get familiar with the template concept, why we need templates, and see examples what we build with it, beside wonderful relation itself. an other interesting part may be the pdf templates.

If you are a developer, we give you more then a tool, more than a framework. we also give you the structure to start.
Download our sample projects and configuration to have a quick start.


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